i have sat on the couch too much today. i have lost one pound this week.  my spacebar doesn't always work on the right side.
tomorrow we'll go for a walk and exercise and enjoy the perfect weather more.

tomorrow we will clean.
things i am mostly concerned about these days are dieting, losing weight, getting in shape, not sitting on the couch too much, better posture...
the week before last my head constantly felt swimmy and floaty and i felt numb, literally, and nervous.  anxious.  i think it was from drinking coffee every morning again.  i had to go back to weekend only and this week i felt better. i was also eating super low carb then and this week i upped it a bit, so...

i keep looking at cars. i want a new car.  not for the material aspect, but something i can get in and drive drive drive all the way home without the worry of being roadside stranded.
i should get up.