i'm so tired IN MY BONES. god, this week. or goddamn this week. i am basically on campus, in the library, in class from sunrise to sundown. i have 4 assignments due this week. 1 is finished, 2 are almost finished, and 1 is halfway finished.

oh it's time to switch the laundry. there is almost no time to switch the laundry even and i feel guilty for even doing it.

thursday thursday thursday thursday. there is an end in sight.

i got a parking ticket yesterday. my shift is 5 hours and the meter limit is 5 hours and it takes me 10-15 mins to walk to my car which puts me a little over the time limit. everything is a bastard.

my boss likes me. she said i perform better than most student workers and she is so glad i am here.

walking from class i heard a story about a hank williams jr look alike contest and one hank williams jr had a 7ft boyfriend named stevie ray and this was all at myrtle beach. there was also an italian accent in the telling and i like that combination for a good story.

i didn't get a valentine but i had a slice of strawberry cake so i guess it's all the same.