adam did not leave monday, adam is leaving sunday.

i have 4 big assignments due next week. everything is all at once, it makes things difficult. one is complete for the most part.

i am trying to find a gym. there is one close to my house but i went in and it smelled like a dirty greasy garage or maybe like auto zone and had orange shag carpeting and everything was yellowed. adam asked me how much i wanted to lose in 6 months. i said maybe 20, but i'm ok with the size i am now, i just want to firm up. he said you could at least lose 40 by then and it secretly hurt my feelings. 40! i know in my head that 40 would be too much but also in my head i am now feeling 40 lbs too fat. GOD.

it costs so much to feed the meters on campus. this is why i'm going to the public library to work on my assignments today. also i have not been yet and i need a card. maybe they will have the journals i need, i hope they will have the journals i need. at least enough to get me started decently.

maybe i will get my dress today.