tomorrow i will check out fante's ask the dust after work. ok, remember.

excerpt from an email TO adam: having an orgasm as written in something by gertrude stein. this is what i have learned tonight.

gertrude stein.

ok i am doing a lot better living on my own. i mean i am not crying every day anymore. now it is just a dry spot in the back of my throat or when my stomach jumps into my heart and i have to vomit. sometimes without you means i have to vomit.

now it is just most days, but it is not everyday.


are you missing me or are you getting over me?

oh how desperate and sad am i!


i like my therapist. he doesn't spout nonsense at me. he mostly listens and asks questions and turns things around to a different angle. every friday @ 9am. he said i am too young to resort to the rocking chair and knitting. and i said but i have two cats already.

the episode of 6 ft under that we thought was the last episode was not the last episode. there are episodes after nate dies. we have not seen the last episode. i will see the last episode!

ok, i miss the way your shirts smell like florida water and deoderant.