adam called last night
asked about friend
he said you havent changed
got my mind going and do i really want him to come back or should i tell him not to come back until we get this sorted out. don't know what i want.
lying by omission or so as not to upset is as bad as boldfaced lie to me.
went to bed. thought more about adam. got up and turned AC down as was frozen.

woke up around 10:30
tired of hair, bangs. last night looked at pictures of when they were longer and sideswept and want that look back again. also thinking of growing my hair out. not long long, but just longer. jesus.

no bodkin
got safety pins, zipper for flannel, and 1/8" elastic
looked around
old woman named mary lou cashier

made 2 grilled mozzerella/pizza sauce sandwiches
adam called
said i was a bitch to him
told him last night was mean of him to make something out of one question
told me he was...don't know how he put it... joking around. though he wasn't.
put laundry on
listened to rgshow while tried safety pin
ended up ripping out seams and pinning in elastic to try and do the s4d method of sewing it in instead of pulling it through.
did dishes, made bed, cleaned kitchen counters/stove
electricity flickered off for a minute
made PBandJ, and packed pretzels and carrots for work

briget and tim at dentist
entertainment news - dylan reviews
pop candy blog
lots of SOM stickers
lots of checkout/renewals
ate food i packed. still hungry.
so boring up here.
feel like i'm getting masters for monkey work
there is nothing to this
girl complaining that her slides are taking forever to print.
don't know that i will ever have job i like/enjoy or don't dread coming too everyday.
maybe will just try to make enough to get on
realized at 7:30 that missed 770 course chat which started at 7pm.
i dread each time a student comes to the print release stations.
that's a lot of dread in a day.
ready to go home. so so ready to go home.