i've almost finished sewing my first dress. it's turned out so nicely, and fits me exactly which i suppose is one of the perks to making your own clothes. all i have left is the facing and sewing the neckline/arms/shoulders. i think i'm going to make this pattern several more times in its different variations. the one i am making is in blackish/greyish denim with a kick pleat in the skirt. i already have an orange plaid fabric and a black/white houndstooth for two others. i think i will use the plaid for the fully pleated skirt variation and the houndstooth for the straight skirt, although i think the houndstooth may hold the pleats better. i am unsure about these things. i also have a purple denim (it is so so excellent with a bit of hot pink in it) and a green denim which i may use instead since i like the way it has worked up in the denim i'm using now.

the very first thing i made was a tank top which was more for practice. i don't think i will ever wear it unless i rework the neckline since i messed up cutting the curves. also some glue or something plastic had melted onto my iron, so it left a small mark on the front when i pressed it. it looks a little rough, but turned out much better than i had planned. i do think it might be cute with a black turtleneck underneath it in the winter.

other than that i've chopped and shortened the ubiquitous purple madras old navy sundress since it was too long for me. i also had to reattach the straps since they tore in two places... before i'd even worn the thing.

the last time i sewed anything before that was an apron for home ec in the 7th grade, so i am basicly teaching myself along with sewing for dummies. most recent confusions/complications/learning experiences have been adding darts and zippers. i have not attempted anything with buttonholes yet. also i would like to learn to make the insides look as nice and neat as the outsides. it will get there.