adam came back last... well, i don't know... a week ago i believe. yes it was because i had to work 4 hours wednesday, and here i am working 4 hours wednesday again. we went to fayetteville last weekend. i ate a quesadilla at south of the border. also, we saw little miss sunshine monday.

some things are as they should be and others are as they are.

i feel like i should be making something right now. i think i will cut fabric when i get home.

i got my roller skates in the mail.

we will be at the beach next week with my parents!

listen to online lectures
get keys made
keys to jennifer
clean house
power bill
buy books for 770
submit 770 project
cut pieces for orange plaid dress
print directions
practice rollerskating

i wonder how my bank account is doing.

maybe i won't start the dress after all.

i ate a lot of watermelon today