oh, i don't know. i feel i should read about marie curie.

today a woman from new orleans came into the store. she talked to me for an hour at least. well at least you have each other i said. i really do not know what to say to people who are about to cry. thank you for talking with me she said as she bought lavender candles.

the columbia chamber of commerce is sending me a relocation package. this is in exchange for a $13.95 charge to my credit card. my mom feels that if the columbia chamber of commerce does not send me a package before we leave then our trip will be virtually impossible. we must know what the columbia chamber of commerce has to say. she has a lot of faith in the columbia chamber of commerce. for the past three days it has been please call the columbia chamber of commerce.

it almost feels like you were never here. i mean it was so long ago wasnt it? except when i wake up in the mornings and when i'm supposedly crying because claire fisher's high and david gayly got beat up. i haven't seen you in such a long time vs. how can i possibly watch inxs now.

i keep walking into rooms and forgetting what i'm doing there. i am constantly entering and reentering until i have finally remembered oh i was looking for my purse and oh i wanted a glass of tea.

and now suddenly it is raining.

and now suddenly it has stopped.

you left tuesday, but it has already been 2,000 tuesdays in my strained little head. my strained little heart.

i guess i will read lullabies on the internet.