he put strawberry in my chocolate milk shake, i can taste it. it's like neopolitan and it's alright but chocolate would have been right. i will never be extremely skinny this way.

he is probably falling in love with someone else day by day. i can't stand it.

it is hard impossible to seperate feelings of i love you with your feelings of let's keep talking maybe one day we can try again. how am i supposed to go day by day on maybe's. oh we don't know what the future will bring, oh let's still be friends! i wish i could go back to not thinking about you like i did right after you left i just went numb and refused to let myself think about anything. i am so tired of impossibly wanting you back all the time so i'm thinking of your internet girls and how you talked to me like you hated me the last night in charleston and how i turned myself into a hypocrite to make things even.

you are probably tired of reading this, i don't blame you.