i have a stouffer's chicken lasagna in the oven. the left side of my stove isn't working, the front and back burners won't ignite. need to call the landlord about it, but i hate having people over that aren't people i want over so i am putting it off as always. i really don't like it when the bug sprayer comes, it's always awkward. i stand in the kitchen while he walks around the corners of my bedroom, my bathroom, etc. it feels personal. intimate. awkward.

i bought my train tickets for christmas two nights ago. i have to find someone who can drive me to spartanburg on the 18th and pick me up on the 28th because i don't know about leaving my car at the station or if they let you do that or how that works. if i can leave it i'll leave it. none of the routes from columbia went to mississippi without going all roundabout. roundabout would be fun but i only have so much time.

i need to be better about punctuation and grammar. i need to think about things more. last night i was in bed trying to make a definitive decision on my stance on punctuation. there are more things i need to examine, but i should at least refresh myself with the basics. what would it hurt? semicolons and commas and splitting and splicing and so on.

i have a 20 page paper due soon. sometime this week, not sure when. i haven't started, haven't even decided a topic. also a group project i have yet to contribute to is wednesday. noone's contributed though, just sent emails about contributing. it is a project i could very easily do alone, would prefer to do alone. some read/response things. a final. that's that, one semester left. i should start applying for jobs. i don't feel ready.