my belly sticking out a little.

i would like to be flexible. at least would make me more sexually exciting. am fairly flexible, more and more so each day. my calves are tight. need my legs straight.

i am upset with myself in general.

good and pure and clean

fante line - not a herring, not a ...etc

we should tiptoe here - then write about jealousies

don't feel like censoring myself much anymore.

i should have better posture, i should be beautiful. at least interesting and smart with opinions on things. i should get opinions.

should enact a plan to slowly attempt at winning him back
step one, extreme skinniness
step two, improve vocabulary and spelling

it is so hard to go to sleep it is so hard to wake up.

somehow i have become very boring and uninteresting and don't know where anything went don't know why i don't think anything about anything.

at least 48 hours of constant crying over you. maybe it was worse with you there. why did i show you that side of me. it felt so horrible, that day, just horrible.

oh well

that means nothing to me now.

he will be gone, possibly he will fall in love, and it will never be the same.