october 16, 2007

tuesday my camera decided it was no longer going to work much to my annoyance since i was wearing my moon monster-picked outfit and was muchly in need of a w_r photo. now i am stuck with an old webcam from the 90's whose quality is less than so or sitting in m's lap with his camera taking faux photobooth self portraits of the two of us an hour at a time- the latter being not so much stuck with as happily attached to. this photo being from such. we spent that night with me on the exercise bike while m cooked tofu and veggies in plum sauce and later m teaching me bass, my first lesson, and trying to keep up plodding along through a few of his songs and you ain't goin nowhere and across the universe and many rivers to cross and i don't remember what else before it was time for bed and sweet holdings and mornings that come too early.