i'm not very familiar with the works of lawrence weiner, but this book made me want to be. i love text as art, by which i don't mean so much the written word (which i do very much love), but here i mean as visual art.


but what really grabbed hold of me by flipping through the pages were the descriptions of weiner's films and how beautifully the were written. i wonder if the films are as lovely as the words of the author...


description for the film "ALTERED TO SUIT" 1979

A child plays the violin awkwardly. She wants to go to the zoo. She insists. There is voiceover and improvised dialogue. She will never get to the zoo, not this day.

A man takes incessant photographs as she plays music. The man and a woman dance together around a pole. As in an assisted slide lecture or a fashion shoot, a voiceover asks, "Can we have the next?"

description for the HEARTS & HELICOPTERS trilogy (1999):

HOW FAR IS THERE begins with a clear blue sky figured with an arc of baloons. The players are introduced:

There's Cowboys.
There's Indians.
There's Marx.
There's Engels.

A woman holding a baby and flowers wrapped in paper bearing the heart introduced in EYES ON THE PRIZE argues with a player from that film. She insists, "I know what I'm talking about. By the fact that you're holding this, you are implicated. This is a map. It's very important." The woman clutches child and flowers saying "You don't touch my property." The Persuasions sing: "Stars don't stand still in the sky for anybody."

Concluding HEARTS & HELICOPTERS is WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. A girl recalls, "So there was this woman, and she had a child, and she held on to it. Fiercely. And then it bacame so precious. And trying to find the meaning and now we have it finally back again. I have to bring it to its right place. To where it once was. But we have to figure out what it was.... Just take it all with a grain of salt." A man remarks that the drawing has been folded and tells what is up and what is down, "The only thing that changes is the position of the heart."

those of you in new york can go see the exhibit 'as far as the eye can see' at the whitney until feb. 10th.

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