mitt romney is ridiculous. i'm listening to these old this
american life
shows and there was one story with this guy
called dishwasher pete who goes around and works as a dishwasher
all over the country and writes or wrote a bunch of zines about
it and he went to this restaurant convention and for some reason
bob dole gave the opening speech and presided over the opening
ceremonies and he was going on about the american dream and the
american way and dishwasher pete asked him during a q and a session
in front of the crowd of restaurant owners and marketers and big guys
and etc if he had any advice for the dishwashers of the world and
dole's response was 'keep washing' and all the big guys chuckled and
laughed and i'm sure bob dole thought he was so clever with his sarcastic
little joking tone he always has but i think that says a whole lot
about how shitty things are for the working class and america and
politics and capitalism and everything. keep washing. i might copy this
in my blog. i kind of think we should go to the new brookland thing, but
maybe not drink so much so we'll be perky for the morning? maybe? or
we probably actually shouldn't go but i kind of want to, too. where do
i have to go to get this yard sale permit? i've never heard of such a thing.

>>>2/7/2008 2:21 PM >>>

i just heard the biggest spew of shit i've ever heard! i was listening to npr and mitt romney dropped out of the race and they played some of his"speech" and he said he was dropping out for america (which i think is a great idea) but his reason is that if he stayed in it would make it easier for clinton or obama to win and they would pull out of iraq and we are in a time of war and he is doing it so we don't surrender to the terrorists. what a great american! that makes me want to scream and vomit and smash my fist on something (but i won't). he and his type of thinking are ruining this country. he's just trying, with an absurd approach, to make himself look good. anyway...

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