after telling my mom i wanted a serger for christmas she lucked upon this one from her best friend's, mrs. linda, mom who said i could have hers that she never used. so sweet! however, after hauling it home i can't quite get it to work correctly. i know sergers are notoriously difficult to use when you're in the learning/threading stage, but i'm pretty sure i've threaded it correctly. the problem i'm having is that parts seem to be banging against each other and breaking my needle. when the needle comes down, one of the threaded pieces (sorry for the word mess, i don't know the technical names for any of these parts) comes up and bangs right into it cracking the needle right in two. is this a timing issue from something that got jostled around during the haul from my parents to home? or is it some error on my part that i'm just not getting? should i take it in to the repair shop or is it something i can tinker with on my own? pictures below...




january 21, 2008