march 28, 2008

creamsicle inspired
shirt - goodies
skirt - goodwill by the lb
shoes - payless

march 29, 2008

shirt - goodys. i originally just got this tee in the black and white striped and grey, but i liked how they fit and the price so i went and got all the other colors, too. i've been wearing them like crazy.
jeans - one of those super trendy teen mall stores that only seem to stick around for 6 months and then a new one's in its place. i don't know the name of it but the jeans are called "machine jeans"
boots - steve madden via ebay. these are to replace my old target boots whose toe soles are disappearing

i've been growing my hair out and it went through this really weird awkward in between phase so i wore it up all the time. i can finally sort of stand the way it looks when it's down now, especially when i don't shampoo it and it gets huge and puffy and tall.

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