bach cello suite 1 - prelude

this morning driving to work fred child was coming through
my radio and talking of how a musicologist in australia thought
through handwriting samples and musical structures that it wasn't
bach who wrote his cello suites, but bach's anna magdalena who
wrote them instead. and if it's so i'd love to know how the story
goes. the ever romantic in me wants to make a love story of it
and think how loving a gesture of the times it seems for bach to
lend his name to his wife so her works would be published and
heard and performed. though who knows what sort of husband
bach was. a sweet loving and gentle bach would fit so well but
perhaps he was instead temperamental or angry or violent. but
here it says "Their marriage was a happy one to which their
common interest in music contributed. Johann Sebastian wrote
a number of compositions dedicated to her, most notably the two
Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach. She regularly helped
him transcribe his music." which pleases me and pleases my love
story, but who, really, is to know. there's an equal potential for
shadows and ugliness as well, though the idea that women had
to disguise themselves as men if ever they were to be published
is ugly enough on its own.

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