this weekend m and i watched badlands or at least
we watched the first half of badlands since often
it's so hard to keep our attention focused on a movie
before it soon turns to each other. it was alright, a
good movie i guess, though i didn't love it or anything,
but i liked how the spindles on her daddy's house were
painted yellow and the roof of the porch was bright blue.
m said they painted them that way to look like the
summer sky so birds wouldn't build their nests
underneath the porch. i'd never heard anything like that
and i don't ever think i've seen a blue roofed porch but i
also liked how sissy spacek said she spelled out things
she wanted to say on the roof of her mouth with her
tongue but i didn't see that part i just heard it in the
middle of a kiss.

true romance

one of the first things i thought when it started was how
quentin taretino must've completely ripped off the music
and the southern drawled leading lady voiceover when
he made true romance. so the next day i put in my dvd
and sure enough alabama whirly's coming in after the
credits with the same voice and music as sissy spacek.
but i'm sure i'm not the first person to say this and there's
probably a million websites out there saying it too, it's just
something i noticed is all.