on break i sat outside of the student
bookstore and had a snack of reduced fat
cheez its and fuze green tea when i was
joined by a squirrel who came so close
that my heart beat a little faster from
nerves and proximity. he sniffed the air
and i tossed a cheez it his way which he
gathered up and jumped into the chair
next to me and ate quickly with tiny little
bites until there was a scattering of orange
crumbs beneath him. he jumped down and
walked beneath the table expectantly so
i threw another. he jumped back into
his chair and ate that too until a girl in
heels too high came scampering by loudly and
ungracefully which caused him to lift high
his head in alarm. i suppose he decided the
threat was little since he turned 180 degrees
so his back was to her, a seemingly annoyed
act, and continued to eat. he was, however,
a bit more fearful of two men pushing a large
garbage can and ran to the table farthest
away. he did return for more and wasn't at
all alarmed by the young faced boy who walked by
singing an opera in a voice both soft and strong.
eventually, after what must have been the sixth or
seventh, he began stuffing them in the
space beneath the seat of the chair and
the base - miming the act of piling on leaves
and patting them down for safekeeping so i
quietly, in case someone was listening, said
goodbye and back to work went.