story i made into a book for
charlie for his birthday party


Charlie sat up in his bed and thought how
it was first thing in the morning and how
probably he should do first thing in the
morning things before his dad popped into
his room and said “Charlie, first things
first.” Then right away he realized it was
a Saturday and on Saturdays you can do all
first things second. So there was no need
for the bother and concern of everyday
routine and also there would be muffins
or pancakes for breakfast instead of Pop

Charlie plopped over on his stomach and
started singing a song - maybe a pop song
or maybe a pop song or maybe a bird song,
but probably not that since he didn’t know
how to whistle. Anyway, I guess we’ll just
say it was a song song because by this point
there really was no more song at all since
Charlie had gotten out of bed for the day
and getting out of bed is usually no occasion
to sing. Instead of singing Charlie was
putting on his shoes. He had three pairs of
shoes and on this day which was a Saturday he
chose to wear his black shoes because his black
shoes were the very best for running around.
And since today he would be running around the
black shoes were just the ones to wear. It
didn’t really take him too long to get them
on since they were the laceless slip on type
which only needed a finger tug at the heel
and then you were set. So just like that he
was set and set off he did.


When Charlie walked into the kitchen Rachael
was in there with her cat Sebastian and one
cup of coffee before her. She had a cup of
coffee before her because today was Saturday
and Saturday was the only day she drank coffee.
Her favorite part about having coffee on Saturday
was pouring the cream into the cup until she
could see clouds of white billowing up from beneath.
Then she knew it was enough. Today there wasn’t
enough creamer left to make clouds so her coffee
was darker than usual. She made up for this by
adding extra sugar, but it wasn’t the same. When
Charlie walked into the kitchen Rachael was
staring out of the window as if she were daydreaming.
Since Charlie knew how good a dream could be he
hated to interrupt her.


Charlie went and sat on the counch in the living
room and though about how Sebastian would climb
in his bed and sleep between the wall and the
afternoon sun. When he did this there was usually
some cat hair left behind but Charlie didn’t mind
much because he thought Sebastian looked so cute.
Just as Charlie was thinking this in walked Sebastian
from the kitchen and jumped up on the couch beside
him. When Charlie looked at Sebastian and squinted
his eyes real hard he could see Sebastian’s ghost.
And when he squinted them even harder Ghost Sebastian
would line right up with Real Sebastian. This is how
Charlie knew Sebastian was Sebastian and was supposed
to be Sebastian. Otherwise they just wouldn’t line up.


Charlie let the screen door slam behind him as he
stepped out onto the porch. As soon as he set foot
outside he heard the strum of his dad’s guitar and
saw his dad sitting on the porch swing. Charlie thought
he was probably writing a song about Nature. On
Saturdays sometimes it seemed like all his dad could
think of was Nature and today was a Saturday so
Charlie just figured. But much to his surprise his dad
was actually singing a song about yogurt and granola
with just a drop of honey. Since Charlie liked yogurt
and granola and since Charlie especially liked yogurt
and granola with just a drop of honey this was just fine
by him. Actually he thought it was more than fine by
him and asked his dad if they could have a bite. So in
they went and a bite they had and with a drop of honey,
too. Rachael smiled when she saw them and said here
she was just now daydreaming about yogurt and granola
all this time and wasn’t it something that here they were
just now eating it. So she had a bite, too, and Sebastian
jumped up on the table even though he wasn’t supposed to
be there.