the good:

+ lindt lindor dark chocolate truffles

+ perfecting crochet beret pattern for new
etsy branchout

+ unintentionally perfectly matched new old
dress and new new shoes in mail

+ fruitful goodwill lunch run w. items for self
and store

+ emily package

the not good:

- sitting, sweating:

"There is a problem with the chill water supply
to Thomas Cooper Library. Several air handler
units have been affected, which has caused the rise
in temperature in the building. Workers are in the
process of repairing the problem. They said that it
should feel much better by tomorrow morning. If
anyone needs a fan or has any questions, please
contact Circulation. Thanks for your patience."

- awake late, no shower

- cramps

- short hair regret

- premenstrual work, house, space, time, exwife, lovelife