i am alive but still trying to find balance between
new job, etsy, and life/love/time/else.  it should
be better though soon now that my training is
over and our manager will return from maternity
leave and there won't be as many hours for me at
the store.

i feel happier and i haven't
been coming home with headaches and there no
longer seems to be the overall dark gloom and dreariness
that came with sitting behind a desk in a room with
covered windows all day that i was never able to shake
once i got home.  now work is work and home is home
(but also work - my own work) and it's much better
and i get to talk to people and they talk to me. 
and i like helping ladies and girls pick out dresses and bringing them
shoes and building their outfit from head to toe and everyone seems
to be so sweet and appreciative most all of the time.  it's nice.