october 15, 2008 - for work


i'm only allowed to wear black and white for work plus whatever
color we have featured in the store. right now we have some grey
and a tiny bit of red in. i thought i'd find this a little constricting and
difficult, but it's actually been a little fun to dress around. on one
of our displays we had a bust with layers of our necklaces - i loved
the look so much that i had to create my own more affordable version
because even though i like a lot of our things - they don't all fit my

grey sweater cardi - bitten
necklaces - goody's sale
dress - american apparel
grey tights
black boots - goodwill by the lb - i was so happy to find these since
they're in perfect condition and almost knee length and have the right
bit of gappiness at the top.