guest post by m:

well, it wasn't as idealistic as that but i got laid off last week, along with about 573,000 others so my story is not that one of a kind. already, most of my grays have gone somewhere. really. just a week off work and now i have to look hard to find one. r said she had noticed before i said anything. we are going to make a game of living frugal. you might call it living on the cheap but when a dollar buys you telemann's trio sonatas on vinyl or your favorite 80's movie on vhs at the thrift store then i don't know if "cheap" fits any more. we don't need a wii. we don't want a wii. i do yearn for good beer. i imagine at times there will be a vacant corner in the fridge where the highland brewery's gaelic ale used to live. and coffee. an endless supply of counter culture's french roast would be mighty fine every morning. all the gourmet frills in the world can't touch love in the afternoon, though.

i have been put to work in the world of softspoken doing the finishing touches on berets. i can see my responsibilities expanding there in the near future. i also plan to list some of my photography in the softspoken etsy shop real soon, too. the absence of work will allow me to visit charlie's school more often. it's a shame how being employed full-time necessarily has to scramble your priorities to an unatural hierarchy. it shouldn't have to be that way.