tagged by happyplacedesign to list seven
random things about myself.

for some reason mine are entirely grey:

1. when i was 9-10-11, my mom ran over
my papa's pug, flo, with her car. i stepped
out and went on his porch to call her and
she came running up to me wagging her
tail with her eyeball hanging from a strand.
it was so strange and weird and odd and i
half laughed and cried and reached down to
pet her.

2. in grade 3 - grade 8 i was the shy fat
quiet ugly girl with stringy hair and an
apologetic presence which provoked either
acrid disgust or faux friendly pity from peers.

3. it was the same struggle in college, except
i was invisible and unhappily married and
afraid to leave my apartment.

4. now, as i am, boys sometimes tell
me i am pretty and sometimes i am resentful
because i know that before, they never would
have noticed.

5. i probably place too much self importance on
pretty. pretty will get you pretty far - andy
warhol said that.

6. i spent all of my adolescence dreaming of
ways to escape mississippi and now, sometimes,
i am dreaming to go back.

7. when my mom was pregnant with me she
had a dog who got caught in a trap and chewed
away his own leg to escape. my very superstitious
granny was sure i'd be born with a malformed or
no leg at all. i was born with both fine, but there's a birth-
mark near my ankle which always reminds my mom
of this story.

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