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i've gotten some neutral feedback lately
on etsy - not because of problems with
my items so much, but because i let my
communication slip a little bit in the past
month. i think part of the problem is i
always forget to check the "message to buyer"
section on the receipts because i usually
don't look at them until i'm packing an item.
plus, really, communication in all forms takes
a little effort for me. i've been a softspoken
shy girl for a while... but it's something i'm
going to work much much harder on.

so for the next day or so as an apology i'm offering
30% off your total purchase (excluding shipping).
just enter SORRY DUDE in the message to buyer (so now
i have to read it) - then wait for me to send you a
revised invoice with the correct price from paypal
before paying!