well then...
  • 09:50 should've worked instead of spending all day at the mall yesterday. but i wanted to see i <3 ronson @ penneys. it was good. i <3 it.
  • 09:50 i splurged on a dress.
  • 09:55 now today needs the gym and to crochet and to ship and to laundry and to finalize softspoken catalog
  • 09:56 but it's already 11 and the coffees still brewing.
  • 10:40 these chain drop scarves require so much attention. each single little stitch needs counting.
  • 11:01 need new computer. everything takes so long. crunch crunch crunch.
  • 12:41 rice, salsa, cheese, sour cream.
  • 12:43 seb follows room to room. <3 <3
  • 13:53 showered now readying for gym. i most always shower before the gym. but not always after.
  • 14:14 so much to do - shipping, vintage photoshoot, etsy orders, wholesale orders. gym feels extravagant, but protruding tummy says otherwise.
  • 19:36 gym - ran 1 mile walked 3 more. picked up carrot chips after and had with hummus m made for dinner. finished up pint of haagen daz 5 mint.
  • 20:55 finalizing softspoken lookbook. should be in next week.
  • 20:56 thinking of replacing my laptop with one of these: tinyurl.com/djtyva
  • 21:00 come november softspoken items will be available @ bohemian - devine st - columbia, sc!
  • 21:02 my biggest wholesale order yet @ 60 items! very excited, but glad i have 6 months to prepare.
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