monday, may 14th, 2007


i was thinking about the other night when i posed the question "i wonder what it would have been like to have lived back then" referring to the jimi hendrix era. you said probably the same as it is now. i've been thinking about that. how it's true and in the different ways that it is true.

i think a lot about how people have believed they all lived in modern times throughout history but each era becomes antiquated. modernity becomes antiquity. one of the funniest things i've ever heard was the director of the u.s. patent office wanted to close the whole bureau down about 1900 because he thought everything that could be invented had been invented.

it seems like forever since i've seen you.



can you believe i've only been up 30 minutes? it was accidental.
making peach oatmeal took it out of me, i think.

the alarm clock was invented in 1787 by a New Englander who
believed in rising each day at 4am. i wonder if it was so he could
start his day kissing, too.