well then...
  • 08:44 feel asleep while videos from m's show were uploading. working on rest of photos now.
  • 08:48 i feel and i fell
  • 08:51 ok let's get that coffee goin
  • 11:17 photos all up to flickr. thinking about $$ and now my stomach hurts.
  • 14:01 new color for lux bubble beret - now in pumpkin! tinyurl.com/c3tepk
  • 21:56 putting up vintage in shop. everything still needs measurements though.
  • 22:08 bonnie parker berets with photos from dara brown up, too!
  • 22:59 @jamielovely thanks so much! hmmm, maybe you should watch yr mailbox soon ;)
  • 23:04 cant decide if i should keep this shirt or sell. wearing it now & it feels pretty good. www.flickr.com/photos/softspoken/3491752006/
  • 23:05 @missmatilda is the mister feeling better?
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