reading ann's secret blog really makes me want to
journal more, but a lot of times i feel everything
is so silly to say. when i say it, i mean. i think
i'll try anyway.

i've spent every day since friday coming up with new
things for the shop. so much trial and error and
frustration. pulling apart hours of work to second
guess and redo again. there are three new things now.
four if you count the pattern i finally wrote down
for the cowls i used to make. i couldn't remember
how to do them, so i had to look them over row by row
and count all the stitches. ones like these which are
just solid and drapey and that i never used to take off:

january 25, 2007@@

i remember making ann a soft furry red one and giving
it to her when she picked me up from my house in the
rain. 2007 seems like a long time ago sometimes. and
how when she and greg and their art group met for lunch
and he reached over a few times to touch it. i don't think
they were quite together then, but i remember her telling
me. the other things i'll photograph tomorrow. i don't
really know why i spent so much time making new things
when there are orders and the craft fair may 30th and
the bohemian wholesale to do.

m's keeping after me to push to more boutiques. m's boiling
eggs for egg salad sandwiches for dinner.