the plan for today was to make some sort of order
out of our bedroom. there are mountains there.
not just laundry, but vintage for the store, and
clothes i just never put onto the hanger. but
now i am crampy and wanting of a hot fudge sundae
and to curl into a ball. i really need to get
things done though. i want to be more organized and
enjoy our living arrangements and have things
prettier. i just don't know if i can ever not
be messy and live in piles. i hope that i can
at least try. i do wish that there were just a little
office area or studio space somewhere that i could
cheaply rent. just something bigger than a closet
where all my work things could be a little apart
from all my home things and where maybe sometimes i
could sit if i needed to be somewhere alone to remember
that i don't want to be somewhere alone.