gloria steinem and dorothy pitman hughes
gloria steinem and dorothy pitman hughes

KM STITCHERY is a feminist etsy shop
selling hand stenciled images of
a handful of the greatest feminist

g stein 1
gertrude stein

their evergrowing list includes:
Emma Goldman. Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman
Hughes. bell hooks. Simone de Beauvoir. Lucy
Stone. Audre Lorde. Susan B Anthony. Angela
Davis. Yuri Kochiyama. Victoria Woodhull.
Gertrude Stein. Alice Paul. Frida Kahlo. Bella
Abzug. Charlotte Brontë. Charlotte Perkins
Gilman. Gloria E. Anzaldua.

yuri kochiyama
yuri kochiyama

i love that if you don't know who these women are
then KM STITCHERY offers a short bio of each
in their item description in order to educate you
as well.

emma goldman
emma goldman

their shop bio states:
My goal is to spread the word of feminism! To get women
excited about feminism! Women have been majorly left out
of HIStory, mainly because that's what it is, HIS story.
So I wanted to revive Herstory. I think it's important to
recognize, acknowledge and admire women who have fought for
women's rights and who have broken through gender barriers.
And clothing is a great way to spread the message of feminism.
I am sick of seeing male revolutionaries revered and plastered
on t-shirts, but not hearing much about female revolutionaries!

simone de beauvoir
simone de beauvoir