oh man i am so jealous lately and it is just enough all
pouting in the corner and oh do you like me do you not
like me she is so pretty and you could do better are you
talking to her why etc. lame yeah. i have worn the same
black racerback dress for at least. what. i guess three
days in a row. four, maybe. but with different necklaces
and alternating shoes. i feel at least ten times sexier
when i don't wear underwear so i took them off once we got
home from burger king and poured the wine and it's like our
sheets always need changing from loving. we have a lot of
sheets though, it's hard to fit them all in the closet.
today my mom called me, nana had given her all these old
letters and cards written by my great great grandmother and
she's been reading them all and she's going to give them to me.
they would buy 10 lbs of sugar and 15 lbs of lard a week. in
the letters. for a family? that sounds so much. 10 lbs!
kitty weighs 12.5 lbs now and sleeps all day and eats when it's
time. i tried to wake her up and make her play today. maybe
she needs more stimulation. don't we all. oh, life.