annie oakley movie

when i was a kid i used to always watch this vhs someone
recorded for me off of satelitte in the 80's of jamie lee curtis
as annie oakley. brian dennehy too, but honestly i had no idea
who that was until i just googled him now and oh yeah that
as buffalo bill. what does shelly duvall have to do with

When Annie was eight or nine years old, she was put in the care of the superintendent of the county poor farm, where she learned to sew and decorate. She spent some time in near-slavery for a local family where she endured mental and physical abuse (Annie referred to them as "the wolves").

poor annie oakley.


In 1903, sensational cocaine prohibition stories were selling well. The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst published a false story that Oakley had been arrested for stealing to support a cocaine habit.


Oakley continued to set records into her 60s, and she also engaged in extensive, albeit quiet, philanthropy for women's rights and other causes, including the support of specific young women that she knew. She embarked on a comeback and intended to star in a feature-length silent movie. In a 1922 shooting contest in Pinehurst, North Carolina, sixty-two-year-old Oakley hit 100 clay targets from 16 yards

lame billy ray frank butler no
billy ray cyrus as frank butler = totally lame.