today i bought a baby doll to take photos of
baby hats for a custom order of sorts and
there's something sort of odd to me about it.
about dolls. there were a line of dolls called
little mommy and the entire aisle was pink.
mommys are good, but little doctor and little
artist and little architect would be nice, too.
plus every time i see handmade baby hats
photographed on lifeless dolls it creeps me a
little, but now i will join the club since we
know no tiny new little ones.

also all of these fashion blogs with girls with skinny
legs - it's so tiring to see over and over all
the time. skinny legs are ok i guess, but i like
round legs and thighs and muscles and softness and
all of it too. i suppose it's the usual state of
things. but why one or the other and never
any variety? i know the answer, but still.

glamour girl

i saw this photo a while ago at the gym which is the
only place i read glamour because they're just every-
where and the treadmill is boring and now the internet
is all ablaze over it it seems. good for glamour on
this one. but there's still all the horrible and
often just plain wrong sex information they constantly
bestow though.

blah blah body image blah blah dolls blah blah little
girls blah blah blah. the same babble as everywhere.
and me too. internet disillusionment. i'm tired. it's
past 3 am. this computer should be freezing soon.