softspoken handwarmers

hi all! wanted to announce that on next wednesday, november 18th, you'll be
seeing a very abbreviated version of my shop as i switch from doing made to
order/wait 12 days items to having ready made goods to buy and ship
immediately. i just don't want to get behind on my orders around the holidays
and have people missing christmas presents and being upset and disappointed,
so i think this way might work best! also, i'm going to be doing three holiday
indie shows (one for each weekend of december!) and need time to whip up
items for those as well. and not to mention my baby nephew who'll be making his
first appearance round the holidays, too. it's a busy time of year! on the other hand,
i will be having a few pairs of these new handwarmers that i made up a few weeks
ago ready to go in the shop during the switchover.

much <3,