i really have the hardest time allowing khakis into my
wardrobe because they remind me so much of all the
dress codes of all the horrible jobs in restaurants
and retail i've had to follow. and there's something
so terribly cubicle office setting about them, too.
however, these past few days i've enjoyed playing
with the look of my newest tattoo by juxtaposing it
against more structured conservative clothing i haven't
worn in a while. i don't think these khakis have left
the hanger since my law library internship days
though really they're not so bad as far as khakis go
since they have an extra wide leg which you can't
really see here.

i've been snipping away at my hair again, too. instead
of my usually choppy and purposefully uneven bangs
i decided to trim them straight across for a little
bit of change. it really made all the difference -
to me anyway.

wearing - rodarte for target lace top, nude cami which
has been around for ages, khakis from goodys (i think,
though possibly ross or tjmaxx or something similar),
piles of necklaces two of which are from lemon jitters,
one from vamoose, and the rest thrifted.