march 20, 2010

softspoken bucket cloche


softspoken bucket cloche

this is another summer hat i tried my hand at with new
materials. this is faux raffia made of paper. i've been
looking at hats online at all the trendy little shops and
it turns out lots of them are made from this stuff! it's still
hard on my hands, but a little easier to work than the
natural raffia since it's uniform in size. it just doesn't have
that springtime sweet and grassy smell that the real stuff has!
i'm also undecided about the ribbon band. i'm having a hard
time attaching it permanantly, and am wondering if perhaps
i should just include the ribbon in the package without
attaching it so it will be left up to the buyer whether the
want to wear it or not. part of the problem is that the
hat has some give and i worry if i attach the ribbon that it
will make it not as multi-size friendly as it is now. any

hat - me, softspoken etsy
cardi - gap outlet
scarf - some dollar shop
dress - the "new" rack at goodwill, but a walmart brand i think
brown tights - target
shoes - sears long ago

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