journal entry 19 Sep 2007:

my little yellow filth of house with cat box overflow
and trash week old stench he leaves me with own toes
chilled pressed into own crook of warmed leg roll onto
back to hear door close not once twice and count begins
till love my love to see you again my love.


i am thinking of moving back to livejournal because i miss talking
about my feelings and the silly little nuances of my days and the
way my heart breaks this way and that or so on and there is something
about livejournal that is more accepting of your tears and aches than
this blogger deal where i feel like it's just outfits and this is what i made
and let me show you my floral print dress or navy striped top and two
paragraphs about it to go along. livejournal is like a little box that holds
all my broken romances and blossoming loves while blogger is like the
cover of a magazine in a grocery store.

this silly nostalgia for substance and domain names.