web necklace from a runway show which unfortunately i'm not well versed
enough to know whose it's from.

today i tried my hand at making jewelry - mixing metal with fine crocheted
strands into an outcome which pleased me even though i'm quite new to jewelry
making and all the little bits and elements that come in tiny little plastic
pouches that you never know you need or can never tell what they do
by simply looking at them until you come to a sudden point of clarity and
realize you need that one little metal bit that you never knew the purpose
of before to make the entire thing just so. now i want lots of little metal
bits and bobs to spread across my floor and piece together and spiderweb
with my hook and thread. the summer is so slow for money and making
the handy standbys and the pocket gets so shallow but i still enjoy all the extra
clumps of time for new areas and new ideas and often new frustrations, too.