april 13, 2010

i've been digging the whole crop top with highwaist jeans
look and since i'm too low on cash for any real shopping
i decided to try and make one for myself with some light-
weight flannel i had on hand. it's been a while since i've
done any sewing so it came out a little messier on the
inside than i like (i like things pretty), but it'll do the job.
i really want a pair of high waist skinny jeans like these ,
but preferably NOT from urban outfitters and preferably
somewhere beneath the $58 range. somehow that seems
to be quite an unreasonable request and all the ones from
the thrift store don't seem to be right.

top - made by me
necklace - made by me, available @ softspoken.etsy.com
jeans - f21
hidden shoes - payless