so very sorry for the absence, but we have been the busiest of bees
round here lately. today we made trip after trip to pick up fixtures
and our counter and our jewelry case and our tables and loaded and
unloaded them all ourselves. now our store is beginning to look like
a real store and at the end of the day we stood around exhaustedly
admiring our very low-budget but perfect selections. this is so
exciting and dream-fulfilling but also stomach-clenching and terrifying
at the same time.

if anyone is interested in possibly having their handmade items in our
shop please do let me know. you can email me at reoglesby@yahoo.com
to discuss everything. i don't know how much we'll be able to take to
start with, but we want as much handmade as vintage so there's a nice
mix. we also need more things for the boys.

anyway, that's our life currently. store store store from wake to sleep.

oh! also this week the lovely siri of Ringo, have a banana! is hosting
a softspoken giveaway for one of my new fringe necklaces. go enter here!

softspoken fringe necklace

there's a sale code available there, too <3