i've been busy at work on my days away from the shop trying to catch up with all of my etsy orders, but also taking a few moments to work up new things which is always relaxing in that simultaneously stressful and puzzling sort of way. one new item for the shop - or new color choice, at least - is the chain scarf in tart berry.


i must admit this color wasn't my idea as it was requested by columbia's very own shop tart, but once i saw the finished product i knew it was a color i wanted to keep around. the shop tart has been so kind as to mention softspoken on her blog on more than one occassion - and even recently did a feature on my new brick and mortar, pack rats, which i do hope you read! i must admit i was a tad bit nervous upon meeting, but that quickly went away as she is just the nicest ever (and her little one does quite the beatles impression as well). so it's only fitting that this color be a little nod of thanks and is now available in shop as tart berry.