august 22, 2010
(8.22.10. skirt - an oldie from goodies. i'm not really used to wearing this length
so i always feel a little frumpy wearing it as a skirt - i usually pull it up and wear
it as a dress with a blazer over. plus all the fabric isn't the best for my hips. or
maybe i'm just not used to seeing this silhouette on me. i do love that print, however,
so that's what keeps this one in my closet. black belt - vintage. black tights. wedges -
payless. necklace - vintage. black tank - hanes. denim shirt - walmart.)

august 21, 2010
(8.21.2010. denim shirt - walmart. grey tee - old navy which i cropped short.
nude cami - target lingerie though it looks like it's just my belly. skirt -
american apparel criss cross dress worn with top rolled down and sleeves knotted
in front. grey tights. boots - dr. scholls. necklace - vintage. leather cuff - local and
handmade by bowandarrowcreations available at pack rats!)

august 20, 2010
(8.20.10. denim jacket and dress - old f21. white leggings. brown boots - old dr.
scholls. necklace - vintage. leather cuffs - handmade and local by
bowandarrowcreations available at my shop - pack rats!)

august 18, 2010
(8.18.10. denim blazer - cheap mall shop, but i love it. i love that it's denim meets
dorothy on the golden girls with it's shoulder pads and longer length. pin - gift
from brooklyn rehab. dress - from my shop! black tights. wedges - payless. cuff -
50 cents from trendy fashion strip mall shop .)

it's been a while. these past few months of setting up and opening the shop really took its toll on my fashion sensibilities. i finally feel like i'm settling back into things and getting out of the tees and jeans rut. now just to shake these five extra stress-ridden pounds, and it'd totally help if i didn't have to have at least three beers each night to wind down. things are tough, ya'll. also, opening a business with yr boyfriend/girlfriend - well, just be prepared for some bumpy roads. but things are smoothing out. we're getting a little bit of a groove. now we just need more customers. more sales. more money. less debt. less stress.

p.s. i'll be posting a few back entries with photos from the summer and such. i originally started this blog as a sort of scrapbook of my everyday as well as a place to dump all my online activities. and though it's sort of changed a bit over time and has a little bit of a etsy promotional and business aspect to it now as well i still want to keep the other going. i think i'm still having blog identity crisis, but i'm starting to get an idea of how i want to come out of that. also, if you haven't already, check out the blog for our shop - pack rats!