thrifted - 50 cents!

thrifted - 50 cents!

dug these out of the bins at by the pound the other day - barely worn bass ely's! bass shoes throw me way back to end of summer memories when back to school shopping wasn't complete without a trip to the outlet mall in vicksburg with my mom. the bass outlet had clothes, too. does bass still make clothes? they were in the classic plaid and khaki vein, but with an effective little modern twist. somewhat boring, but cute. you know, like all classic stuff. kidding. sort of. i like classic stuff. still have a hard time pulling off khakis though. i found a pair a month or two ago and wore them once and didn't dig it. anyhow, digging up this pair led me around to peeking at the bass site and then this very morn i read this post about the bass/rachel antonoff pairing (which are a little too cutesie for me, though i do like the navy/floral ones) - so yeah! $59 shoes for a buck or so - well it was half off day - so 50 cents! except now there's all these other ones i want that i'm pretty sure i won't be so lucky with.

like these:
hanna in black

or these:
sade in lavender grey

or these:
fabricia in light taupe

also, i think my mom reads my blog now - so mom, if you see this, any of these for christmas would be top notch (ESPECIALLY that last pair. size 8. though maybe the dark brown version would hold up better? or the black if that's all they have. but not the black with the plaid. but the light or dark brown are my favorites. those lavender/blue boots are pretty cool too, though.) <3!