bein' so caught up with orders feels WEIRD. i know, i said that earlier. i've just been running behind for so long - first with the featured seller thing then the holidays then all the trips back home and babies born and loved ones leaving and trips and opening our brick n' mortar and still tryin' to keep up - it's just odd to have a chance to sit and not have anything to do. so i spent the majority of the day at the machine sewin' up lotsa these collars from all this fur i have left behind as memory of a project that never turned out right. so into all the leopard print winter accessories i've been seein' round. i was bidding on the perfect leopard print coat, but it went far beyond my financial reach (which, honestly, ain't that far as we all know). maybe it's too trendy, but i don't care. leopard print forevs! anyhow, i think i'll put 'em in the shop in the next few days once i get back in the swing of sewing and clean 'em up a little. this wasn't the ribbon i wanted, but the spool i bought at joann's turned out to be stiff and gross floral ribbon instead of the satiny stuff i thought i'd picked up - and i had this sheer lying round the house for a while so it made do. anyway. finally time for all those projects scribbled in notebooks.