this chick on etsy requested a custom scarf to match her cherry red bubble beret, so i said sure and basically used this idea which was a variation of this but in the same cherry red as the beret and along came this:


LOL at my attempt at the curling iron*. what's up, joan collins. the morning glory was on the ground when i went to the mailbox earlier. for some reason this year's morning glories are blooming like nuts in october - usually they come alive in may or so. maybe m bought a different variety. but anyway, i'm so into this cherry/lumberjack red for everything this winter. hats, scarves, gloves and whatever else. that and leopard print. but not together. or maybe together - i haven't tried it yet.

and then i was bored at the shop and m's been on me to make some new beanies, so along came these slouchy pom topped things -

in grey:


and mustard:


i also have some bright primary striped ones that i like a lot (different non slouchy style and no poms. maybe i'll add a pom. i used to hate making poms till i found this method and now it's not so bad so i want to put them on everything) because m wanted sesame street themed winter wear. i didn't take photos of those 'cause beanies take all the volume out of my hair (aren't they really best for bad hair days anyway?) and i want to show milton these crazy curls so he can laugh at me.

*what i really want is a set of hot rollers with the pins that have different colored tips according to size like my mom and nana used to use - example:

hot rollers for hair

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