of course it started snowing the day that m had to be on the road to pick
up his little one after christmas. it always seems to work that way. snow
is much prettier when yr not fretting over loved ones driving home.




the cowl is the silver version of this one which i have named
the geraldine circle scarf (after my grandmother) and will
be going into the shop quite soon. i do love it though. i
kept a cranberry one for myself already, don't know if i can
justify keeping another. i have more colors coming so i
s'pose i should wait and see which i like best first. it's shown
doubled here but can also be worn hanging long. the yarn
is very soft and fluffy like little cloud puffs, but warm and
cozy too.




circle scarf - by me,
hat - thrifted
coat - rainbow
grey lace dress - target clearance
black tights
black boots - thrifted

alright, off to dry my hair and pick up groceries for vegetarian
chili. it's a quick and easy recipe that's been in heavy rotation
on these cold wintry days.

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