circle scarf - by me, softspoken etsy. poncho - vintage via etsy. dress underneath - american apparel. crimson tights. boots - bamboo.

yesterday i finally rejoined the gym and worked out for the first time in a month. i mean a real workout and not just 30 mins of weights here or 30 mins on the bike there - so probably over a month. and it was hard. i want to go today, but all of the hours are packed with preparing for the show we're having at the shop tonight and packing up for the big crafty trip in asheville. still so many pieces to price and attach tags to. and also throw in figuring up consignment payments for november sales at the shop on top of all that - and i'm tired just thinking about it. i did, however, take 10 minutes to photograph my outfit , but only to show you these new circle scarves i came up with yesterday and that i'm going to put on etsy if all of them don't sell at the craft show this weekend. they are way soft and puffy and warm and i wish i could photograph them better to show how beautiful this new yarn is and i want to give one to each and every one of you. i'm wearing mine doubled up, but you can wear them long too.