'n cat hair on yr socks.







a little bit frustrated that i left my camera at the shop, but luckily this older nikon (which was very kindly sent to me by louis* as something to use in the interim when my last camera died**) saved me. i always forget that it takes just a little bit longer to record the image and always end up with fuzzy motion shots - but i kinda like 'em. i also forgot the tripod attachment so these arm-length snaps are the best i can do.

wearing: floral dress- thrifted and chopped short and lazily left unhemmed and frayed, boatneck tee underneath - american apparel, tights - can't rightly recall, ribbed black socks that i wear 5 out of 7 days of the week since i got them with no washing- sock dreams, cowl - geraldine circle scarf made by me and other colors available in my shop, black combat-ish boots that i've had for years but don't wear much since i think they make my legs look stumpy but think they look alright with these super high socks - uo sale's on sale sale.

*visit louis' blog here! though we have different views and beliefs, louis is one of the kindest and most supportive people i know.

**i can't even begin to tell you how many people i've met through wardrobe remix over the years who have become real-life friends in some form or another. not just in a 'net buddy way, but in a truly supportive pick you up and help you out when your down and busted sort of way.